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 Priest - Exorcist

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PostSubject: Priest - Exorcist   Priest - Exorcist Icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 8:12 am

The exorcist carries out the will of the Creator by eliminating evil in whatever form they find it. What is evil is defined by the Order on behalf of the Creator. The usual targets are spectres, the advance exorcist will completely obliterate the spectre’s physical form as well as their spectral (true) form in a blast of highly concentrated celestial magic.

Celestial magic is magical ability that has been bestowed on the priest by the Creator and is particularly effective against spectres, it is less effective against normal creatures and other people. To effectively use celestial magic the exorcist must charge this ability in battle before using it, this usually comes in the form of prayers to the Creature to bestow upon the priest the power the priest requires. If the exorcist’s concentration is broken or the exorcist has taken damage the spell is nullified.

Due to this highly focussed eradication of spectres spectral hunters are sometimes targeted by the exorcist, as viewing the aura of a spectral hunter can be similar to viewing the aura of a spectre, especially if the spectral hunter is utilising a spectre at the time. A blast of celestial magic could be very harmful to a spectral hunter due to the spectral hunter’s ability to act on the spectral plane.

Sometimes spectral hunters have specifically been targeted as the Order views them as a risk due to their utilisation of spectres, which inherently (to the Order) makes the spectral hunter potentially evil. This has caused tensions between the Order and many guilds of spectral hunters.

Abilities: Celestial magic, see aura
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Priest - Exorcist
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