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 Priest - Herbalist

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PostSubject: Priest - Herbalist   Priest - Herbalist Icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 8:13 am

The herbalist, above all else, is a healer all wounds from the tiniest of cuts to the greatest of diseases. When healing the herbalist will use their knowledge of herbs combined with a healing magic taught to them through the Order. This healing magic is an adapted form of prayer where the herbalist petitions the Creator or one of the Creator’s agents to aid in the healing process. Due to this fact the herbalist’s knowledge is a sacred secret, only those who join the Order are allowed to study herbalism.

The herbalist has the ability to see people’s auras, this helps the herbalist to deduce what type of healing magic is needed and what herbs would best aid the patient’s healing. The herbalist, however, can’t see auras as well as the exorcist. The aura of a spectre, to the inexperienced herbalist, therefore may be confused to that of someone who needs healing. This can potentially put the herbalist in great danger.

To protect them from dangers such as spectres and injuries during battle the herbalist has the ability to create a magical shield/barrier around themselves, an experienced herbalist can extend this shield/barrier to their patient. This, however, takes a lot of energy and focus to maintain effectively. The more damage that is dealt to the shield/barrier the more strain the herbalist is under to keep the shield/barrier in place, due to this most shields/barriers are only temporary.

Abilities: Healing magic, herbalism, create shield/barrier, see auras
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Priest - Herbalist
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