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 Priest - General

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PostSubject: Priest - General   Priest - General Icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 8:12 am

The priest is one who has dedicated their life to serving the Order (may need a better name). Through their dedication the priest is able to learn various forms of magic, including healing, supportive and celestial. The Order worships the Creator who they believe to be inherent in all living things; because of this anyone has the potential to become a priest. It does, however, require that the individual completely dedicates their mind, body and soul. The prospective priest has to go through an initiatory process which reaffirms their beliefs and proves their dedication to not only the Creator but also the Order. In essence the Order becomes the priest’s life, doing anything they can to serve the Order.

The priest must abide by the Order’s laws, priests who openly or publically challenge these rules are likely to be tried by the Order’s courts and usually executed unless the priest repents. Thus it is in the priest’s best interest to study the Order and their rules before being initiated into the Order.

Once initiated the priest goes through training in various aspects of worship, magic, and weaponry. Each new initiate goes through basic training in each area, once the priest becomes more experienced the priest can choose what to specialise in.

As the priest becomes more experienced and integrated into life within the Order they can ascend the hierarchy of the Order if they so wish. Most priests will do this until they find a place they belong in the Order, some priests never feel the need to ascend through the hierarchy preferring to stay out of the politics of the Order.

• Due to their training in the Order the priest is able to use both magic and weapons effectively
• Fairly good at close combat as well as ranged attacks
• High natural resistance

• Fairly low defence overall meaning the priest takes damage fairly easily
• Can only use skills they have been taught through the Order
• Must follow the Order’s laws

Weapon Speciality: Staffs, poles

Sub Classes: Exorcist, herbalist
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Priest - General
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