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 Race: Dwarven

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PostSubject: Race: Dwarven   Race: Dwarven Icon_minitimeWed Apr 28, 2010 4:44 am

Dwarves tend to build massive cities in mountains and underground, rarely seeing the light of day. To the outside world dwarves appear as a solitary and unsocial race who only ever appear on the surface to trade and fight wars. Due to the mining of precious metals and gems dwarves control a vast majority of Valeria's economy, as much of the gold used as currency is mined by the dwarves.

The vast amount of time spent mining has led the dwarves to develop an incredible strength which is practically unrivalled by any other race. When the dwarves aren't mining they're honing their strength and battle prowess. Within the dwarven race men and women are completely equal, any dwarf can do any task, making the dwarves the most equality minded race out of the known races.

The only hierarchy within the dwarven race is that of the royalty (either a king or queen). The royality, unlike kings of other races, is elected by the people. The royalty does, however, have ultimate power to pass any laws and act how they see fit. If the people aren't satisfied with the royalty and their actions they can either call for a new election or they can kill the king (without any persecution) and force a new election. The royalty, in response, tries to act fairly and in the best interests for all of their people.
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Race: Dwarven
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