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 Race: Draconian

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PostSubject: Race: Draconian   Race: Draconian Icon_minitimeWed Apr 28, 2010 4:55 am

Not much is known of the draconians apart from that they reside high in the mountains, often called Draconia. Draconians are essentially dragons that have taken humanoid form, due to this many people are unsure whether they have actually met a draconian or not. Draconians can change form from humanoid to dragon (and vice versa) instantaneously and retain their knowledge and abilities in both forms.

By far the oldest race draconians usually prefer to keep themselves to themselves and not get involved with the mundane daily life and worries of the rest of Valeria. The only time in known history that the draconians actively intervened with the events of Valeria was during the Nyxian invasion over 1000 years ago. Draconians are able to manipulate high volumes of magical energy and as of yet the exact form of their magical ability is unknown.

After successfully completing a rite of passage in the heart of Draconia, experienced draconians can transform between dragon and humanoid forms at will. This rite of passage is one of Draconia's oldest and most well guarded secrets. Only those on the council of elders possess the knowledge to perform the rite.
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Race: Draconian
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