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 Race: Elven

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PostSubject: Race: Elven   Race: Elven Icon_minitimeWed Apr 28, 2010 4:32 am

Elves regard themselves as living closely with Nature and abide by its natural flows, due to this elves often inhabit wooded or forested areas in which them nominate themselves protectors. More recently some elves have been moving out of these areas in favour of the larger cities, where they often lose touch with Nature.

Elves high regard for Nature instils within them a natural ability for communing with Nature and reading her signs. Ignorant people often think this equates to magic, however this is a completely different ability to the magic that is utilise and learned by mages. Usually elves aren't bothered by this technicality, as most often elves keep to their own communities and rarely mix with other races for any length of time.

Elves, in general, have a high moral standard and are unlikely to become corrupted into betraying their morals and beliefs. The few corrupted elves that are known to the elven elders are those that have moved/born into the cities and don't have any communication with Nature. This has led to a widespread belief among elven people that if they forsake Nature, Nature will forsake them.
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Race: Elven
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