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 Stepping Stones Part 2

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Stepping Stones Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Stepping Stones Part 2   Stepping Stones Part 2 Icon_minitimeSun Sep 12, 2010 12:44 pm

Buntea gazes up at the trees before her. She had never seen anything like this.

It had taken a long time to get here, the path she was following was not well worn. Few travelled this way since it cut through the forest, and most people Buntea had spoken to told her that it was wiser to take the trade route.

But the dwarf reasoned that the trade route, that skirted the other side of a range of mountains this edge of the Sylvian Forest, would have taken weeks to travel along. By coming this side of the mountains and cutting through the edge of the forest She would get to Lemuria a lot sooner.

Taking a deep breath She double checks the map in her hand while still able to use the mountains as a reference. Then she starts out down the shadowed forest trail.
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Stepping Stones Part 2
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