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 Hunter - Spectral

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PostSubject: Hunter - Spectral   Hunter - Spectral Icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 8:11 am

The spectral hunter hunts spectres, creatures that don’t exist on the physical plane. Many spectres have both a spectral form (non-physical) and a physical form. To be able to fight the spectral form the spectral hunter must first defeat the spectre’s physical form. The spectre’s spectral form may appear completely different than its physical form. In this respect, to the spectral hunter, any physical creature could potentially be a physical manifestation of a spectral creature.

The spectral hunter has the ability to view auras, this is the only way that they can differentiate between a physical creature and a spectre’s physical form. When a spectral hunter sees an aura of a physical manifestation of a spectre, the spectre’s true form appears in the aura.

After defeating a spectre the spectral hunter has the ability to absorb the spectre. Usually the spectral hunter absorbs the spectre into an item designed to hold spectres (these items can be any item as long as they’ve been prepared to hold spectres). The spectral hunter rarely absorbs a spectre directly into themselves as the spectre would class with the hunter’s soul and could potentially take over the spectral hunter’s body completely. An item has the potential to hold many spectres; however each item has their own limits.

The spectral hunter has to perform a ritual on both the physical plane and the spectral plane to make an item hold spectres, this can take a lot of time to perform and can potentially drain the spectral hunter (physically and mentally).

If an item holding a spectre breaks all the spectres held within that item will be released and will begin to attack anyone nearby, especially the spectral hunter.

The spectral hunter has the ability to utilise any absorbed spectre by temporarily extracting them from the item that holds the spectre and releasing it into the spectral hunter’s own aura (as opposed to into themselves). This will give the spectral hunter specific abilities of the spectre that has been utilised. These abilities may be physical (e.g. the ability to fly) or spectral (e.g. manipulation of the spectral plane). The risk of this is that anyone else who can see auras may think the spectral hunter is in fact a spectre when they’re utilising a spectre. The risk of this is lower if the spectral hunter has been initiated into a guild, as guilds have their own abilities to help people differentiate between a spectre and a spectral hunter (otherwise the guild members would end up attacking each other a lot of the time).

Abilities: Absorb spectre, utilise absorbed spectre, view aura
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Hunter - Spectral
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