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 Ageing Cat - {Approved}

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Ageing Cat
Ageing Cat

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PostSubject: Ageing Cat - {Approved}   Ageing Cat - {Approved} Icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 12:59 pm

Name: Ageing Cat (formerly Franz)
Age: 905
Gender: Male
Race: Nyxian (formerly Human)
Class: Priest
Sub Class: Herbalist
Starting Location: Umbra
Weapon of Choice: Paw Arts
Organisation: N/A (formerly belonged to The Order)
Current Job: Herbal Researcher

Born in 1105 as a human under the name of Franz. At a young age Franz had joined the Order and after his initial training decided to specialise in herbalism. Franz was a quick learner and before long was well adept in herbalism.

Unfortunately one night Franz let his guard down. Upon hearing of a rare herb growing in the outskirts of Iona he raced to be the first to acquire it. His plan was to cultivate it in is own allotment.

Several Nyxian spectres lay in wait for Franz to arrive at the specified location. Franz had no idea that he had been betrayed. The spectres took Franz by surprise and dragged him through the veil into the Realm of Nyx.

Due to his years within the Order, Franz was able to survive many years of Nyxian corruption. Slowly the corruption began to taint his mind, however not in the way Nyx or any of her minions expected.

Deemed as a threat Franz was exiled to the furthest reaches of the realm. Here it was hoped that he would be overcome by despair and convert into a full Nyxian. Somehow Franz managed to hang on, the corruption still tainting his mind. He realise that even if he manage to return to Valeria he will be outcasted, just as he was here.

Franz wandered the realm, trying to figure out what to do. He hated the idea of being an outcast, just the thought of it brought anger to his mind.

The corruption affecting him as each day passed. Franz found that it wasn't just his mind that the corruption had begun to taint, it was also his physical body. Fur had begun to painfully erupted all over his skin. Each day the fur grew longer until it covered his whole body.

One night the pain was so intense that Franz screamed, yet there was no one around to help him. He was completely alone. Franz didn't know the source of the pain yet he didn't care as long as it would stop. The morning found Franz curled on the ground whimpering, a long bushy tail had grown from the base of his back.

Eventually Franz's wandering lead him to Umbra, the heart of the relam. Changing his name to Ageing Cat “Cat”, he enrolled at the Nyxian medical establishment. It is here that he's story begins, one in which he hopes will overthrow the nyxians for good and stop their evil ways...
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PostSubject: Re: Ageing Cat - {Approved}   Ageing Cat - {Approved} Icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 2:31 pm

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Ageing Cat - {Approved}
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