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 I am hardly new here but I never wrote Tsuki's background. Here it is!

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I am hardly new here but I never wrote Tsuki's background. Here it is! Empty
PostSubject: I am hardly new here but I never wrote Tsuki's background. Here it is!   I am hardly new here but I never wrote Tsuki's background. Here it is! Icon_minitimeMon Jul 12, 2010 7:10 am

In case you are wondering why my character does not need approving, it is because I am screwing admin Razz

This is Tsuki Lovelle's background story (sorry, it is so long!). For those of you who I am not travelling with, Tsuki's dead body was found in a lake in Sakura Grove and she got resurrected. Tsuki is now a lunar mage who dabbles with water magic but when she was first alive she used death magic. She is almost 22. This background story happened 120 years ago.

Tsuki's story

Around 120 years ago, a kingdom flourished on the Lemuria/Sakura Grove border. It was a peaceful area with no serious conflict. At the centre of this kingdom was the royal family- the Lovelle family. The king and queen had been blessed with a daughter almost 2 years earlier. They decided to call her Tsuki. The word Tsuki meant “moon” in a foreign language. Tsuki had been born during the night of a full moon. Although the queen was in a great deal of pain, it felt as though the moons calming influence was spurring her on through the agony of child birth. A lot of the villagers practised different forms of magic; some more obscure than others. Secretly, the queen was hoping her daughter would never get involved in the world of magic but if she did, she wished her daughter would become a Lunar Mage.

Tsuki led a privileged life where money was no object. She had jewels and rich fur pelts, travelling entertainers would ask for an audience with the family. Tsuki would drink clean water whilst the villagers drank beer in case they caught a disease from the water. The best part was the numerous pets which Tsuki made her friends. Tsuki had a special soft spot for a jet black nightingale who she called Midnight. Her parents gave her more exotic and colourful pets in the hope that Tsuki would latch onto something with a more cheerful persona. Yet, Tsuki adored Midnight. Eventually, Tsuki spent less and less time with the other animals and would let Midnight perch on her shoulder.

The king tried to make sure that Tsuki never found out about magic that was considered evil. As a result, Tsuki’s visits into the village were often screened. Villagers were expected to remove any signs of the more controversial practises. At the top of this dreaded list was death magic. Anybody seen practising death magic was sentenced to death.
With a black nightingale on her shoulder and choosing to wear dark blue clothes, Tsuki gave off a depressing aura. The children in the village feared her and were convinced that Tsuki was evil. They never had the guts to say anything directly to Tsuki’s face and yet, Tsuki still picked up on the atmosphere. Tsuki found herself becoming isolated and she would spend hours in her bedroom with just Midnight for company.

Eventually, more small villages started to crop up. Villagers began to rotate. By this point, Tsuki was 16 and was rebelling against her parents. Tsuki was not daft. She knew that she had a privileged life and that others around her were suffering. Despite her fortune, Tsuki felt depressed and alone. By this time, even her own parents were spending little time with her. Midnight had passed away the previous year but the stories and rumours about Tsuki had already spread too far. But by now, times were getting harder. The kingdom was not looking so rosy and the castle suffered some minor attacks. With the king distracted and new villagers who were not wise to the local practises, Tsuki saw her chance to escape her boring life.
Tsuki had been smuggling magic books and artefacts into her bedroom. She was engrossed by the tales of heroic mages and rogues. The part she found most interesting revolved around death magic. She felt the magic suited her dark mood. Tsuki struggled with her conscience. She knew death magic was wrong but... it is not as if she would ever need to use it. The attacks on the castle had barely made a dent. Tsuki was attracted to the sense of danger and she wanted to be a little naughty. The good princess image was boring and dated. Tsuki decided that she would practise death magic.

Tsuki waited until nightfall so she could work under the cover of darkness. She placed her royal tiara on her pillow and ripped off the jewels that were hanging around her neck. Although they were beautiful, they meant nothing to her. Tsuki opened her window and ran towards Sakura Grove. There was a lake there where she knew she would not be disturbed. Spring had passed and the sakura blossoms had died. The lake was overgrown and most people got their water from elsewhere. Tsuki digged into the ground to uncover something she had recently hidden. A few weeks earlier, she had stolen some money from her father and made a trip to a local shop in another village. She used black robes to hide herself beneath. Tsuki could not risk anybody working out who she was. As Tsuki removed the earth, she saw the scythe she had purchased. Being a princess, Tsuki had chosen a flashy ornate design with detailed decoration. The shopkeeper had been struggling to sell it because it was so expensive. As the night deepened, Tsuki wielded the scythe with excitement. She practised what she had read in a book. Tsuki gasped with delight as a black shadow emerged from her scythe.
Over the next few months Tsuki practised death magic every single day. Being left alone gave Tsuki the opportunity to sleep during the day. The king was busy and so the royal family made less royal appointments. Tsuki’s mother would often bang at Tsuki’s door but would get no response. The queen was disappointed. She wondered how her daughter could have turned out so moody. It was becoming increasingly difficult to find Tsuki a suitor to marry because nobody wanted to be around her anymore. Tsuki would follow chants and rituals and eventually, she was able to improvise. Her death magic was insanely strong. Tsuki felt it was a shame she would never be able to use it. Feeling guilty, Tsuki decided to practise a second style of magic. She settled on water magic. It seemed appropriate because of the place she practised. Although Tsuki’s enthusiasm for water magic just didn’t compare to her love of death magic. Tsuki only taught herself a few water spells. The lure from the darkness was just too strong.

One night Tsuki was practising when there was a rustle in the bushes. Tsuki froze with horror. Somebody was there. A man stood before her. He saw the scythe and the black aura surrounding Tsuki and was horrified.

“Princess Tsuki! How can you practise such wicked magic? Does your family know?” the man asked.

Tsuki opened her mouths but she could not speak. She was shocked. Tsuki knew that if this news got back to the castle, she would be severely reprimanded. She felt such strong passion for this magic, like nothing she had ever felt before. Tsuki would never give up. She knew what she had to do.

“I am sorry, but I will not let you betray me” Tsuki said coldly.

With one swipe of the scythe, a black jet pulsed out of the blade. The man’s head was ripped clean off. Blood spurted from his neck as his lifeless body fell to the ground. Tsuki covered her mouth. She just killed an innocent man. Tsuki felt disgusted with herself. She could feel the contents of her stomach rising. Then there was another rustle from the bushes. Tsuki jolted to her senses.

“Show yourself!” Tsuki screamed.

A young male climbed out from the bushes. He too was holding a scythe. Tsuki paused.

“I practise death magic too, princess... I have to say, I am impressed. My name is Colvern...” Colvern said.

Tsuki eyed Colvern up and down. This boy must have been around the same age as Tsuki. His hair was a dark brown with matching deep brown eyes. The eyes had a cheeky glint in them. He had defined cheekbones and a naughty grin. Colvern offered Tsuki his hand. Tsuki, still too shocked to say anything took his hand and shook it.

“I am from the same village. I actually live quite close to your castle. My house is three houses down from the market square in the Western direction. Both of my parents are dead so I am living on my own. Princess Tsuki, I have to say... death magic suits you” Colvern said, quite obviously flirting.

Princess Tsuki blushed at his compliment.

“Please keep my secret. I feel such a strong passion for this magic... and I don’t want to kill somebody like you” Tsuki begged.

Colvern smiled.

“You have a deal, on one condition... you let me practise with you” Colvern said.

Colvern held out his hand again. Tsuki willingly shook hands. It was a deal.
Every night Tsuki ran to the lakes as quickly as she could. It felt so refreshing to have a companion. Together, Tsuki and Colvern became stronger as they made targets out of old bits of wood and fired randomly into the empty skies. Tsuki found daytime unbearable. She wanted to spend every waking minute with Colvern. Tsuki dismissed these feelings as a passion for their forbidden art.

A few months later Tsuki was practising a complex move.

“Come on Tsuki! You can do it!” Colvern cheered.

Tsuki felt a strong desire to make this magic work for Colvern. She released a spiral of black death energy into the air. Tsuki needed to jump and hit the spiral so that it would shatter and fly at 5 different target points. Tsuki leapt up and hit the magic as planned.

“Wow! That was impressive! You have grown so much Tsuki...” Colvern called.

Tsuki was elated to be given such praise. She sighed as she floated through the air and was not concentrating on her landing. Tsuki’s left foot landed in the lake, leaving her unbalanced.

“Tsuki!” Colvern yelled.

Colvern raced over as Tsuki fell into the lake. He managed to grab Tsuki just before she hit the water. Unable to avoid the lake, the two entered the lake; their bodies entangled. Colvern pulled Tsuki to the surface and they swam to the bank together. Tsuki gasped for air as she lay on the bank. Colvern looked at Tsuki in a way which he had not before. As he pulled himself out of the water he found himself over Tsuki. Their eyes met. Tsuki felt fine but she did not want to push Colvern off. Looking away she mumbled something.

“Colvern, my heart is pounding. I want you so mu...”

Before Tsuki could finish, Colvern lowered his head. The pair embraced on the lake bank, their lips connected. Tsuki never wanted this moment to stop.

Eventually Colvern and Tsuki stopped appearing at the lake every night. They were more interested in each other than death magic. Tsuki did not regret taking the path she had chosen. Tsuki would sneak out and visit Colvern at his home. It was small and rustic but Tsuki felt it was perfect. It could not be any further from the luxury of the castle which Tsuki found to be shallow.

However, when Tsuki turned 21 the couple went to the lake to practise death magic again. Tsuki still wanted to keep her powers strong and fine-tuned. But they were being watched. As Tsuki started to launch an attack, her father jumped out and stopped her. Tsuki looked shocked and stared over at Colvern.

“You have disappointed me and our entire family. You are royalty whether you like it or not! I will not stand by and let you use that gastly forbidden magic. Guards! This boy shall be executed! Tsuki, you are lucky you are not suffering a similar fate!” the king boomed.

Tsuki was held back by two of the guards as Colvern was taken away.

“Colvern! Run!” Tsuki screamed.

It was too late. Colvern was captured and taken to the castles prison. For the first time in ages Tsuki felt tears stream down her face. Tsuki was banned from the execution and ordered to stay inside her bedroom. Tsuki would stand at her window all day long, wishing she could regain the freedom she felt. A couple of days later, Tsuki was told that Colvern had been beheaded and magic was casted on him to make sure he could never be resurrected.

A couple of months passed. Tsuki tried to make amends with her parents because she realised that she was being guarded fiercely. She realised that although her life was somewhat empty, she did have people who loved her. Although nobody loved Tsuki was much as Colvern. Tsuki would lust for Colvern to hold her one more time. She remembered the nights they spent together.

“The palace is under fire!” a guard screamed.

The king looked stressed. This attack was far bigger and stronger.

“Father, please let me fight...” Tsuki begged.

The king shook his head.

“No daughter of mine is using death magic!” he boomed.

The king grabbed Tsuki’s arm and led her to the prison. She was chucked in a cell; the same cell Colvern was held in. Tsuki crouched down on the floor, feeling hopeless. She felt closer to Colvern here but it was a bloody reminder of the love she lost and the raging battle outside. Tsuki waited for a couple of hours. It was now evening and the sky was dark. She heard the screams of the dying and wounded. She could not sit back and do nothing. Tsuki raised her hands so her palms were showing and aimed for the metal bars of the door.

Tsuki rushed outside and clambered over bodies and grabbed her scythe. She knew what she had to do.

“Tsuki! What are you doing?” one of the guards called out.

He could not bear to tell her that both her mother and her father were already dead. He ran towards Tsuki in a vain attempt to protect her. Tsuki stopped near the edge of the lake where she had practised her magic.

“I am going to help you. I saw this magic in a book and it is very dangerous but highly effective. I am sorry. I am afraid this is goodbye...” Tsuki said.

Tsuki jumped away from the guard as he tried to grab her. Her body started to float towards the sky. The guard begged and pleaded with her but it was too late. Tsuki’s body was surrounded by the thick layer of dark smoke. She raised her scythe above her head as soldiers approached her. The soldiers stopped and stared in disbelief.A large ball of black energy appeared.

“Tsuki! NO! Not that!” the guard screamed.

Tsuki kept charging the ball until it was too big to handle. She shrieked as she let the ball go. The ball wiped out a vast majority of the enemy soldiers with one shot.

“I am so relieved. Don’t worry, Colvern will look after me now. Please protect the castle for me...” Tsuki whispered.

Her eyes closed and her body turned limp. Tsuki fell out of the sky and landed with a huge splash. Her body sank to the bottom of the lake, never to be seen again. Hardly any soldiers remained but the guard still had a fight on his hands. Unable, to reach Tsuki, the guard had to battle to save his own lake.

As the fight moved away from the lake, Tsuki felt her life ebb away. The lake was the best place for this to happen. Tsuki recalled all the happy nights she spent practising magic with her only true love Colvern. She smiled, feeling at peace as she took her last breath.
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I am hardly new here but I never wrote Tsuki's background. Here it is!
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