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 Hunter - Beast

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PostSubject: Hunter - Beast   Hunter - Beast Icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 8:04 am

The beast hunter hunts creatures on the physical plane, typically the beast hunter takes collects trophies from their prey. The main reason for doing this is to prove their abilities as a hunter, but also the beast hunter does this to remind themselves of the thrill of the hunt, the sweet taste of victory and as items to sell in towns. The beast hunter has to be careful as creatures in some areas/districts are protected animals, thus selling parts of those animals is an illegal offence in that specific district. If the hunter is part of a guild items can be sold through the guild without getting in trouble with local laws.

The beast hunter spends most of their time in various wilderness locations. This allows the beast hunter to focus on their prey and commune with nature. Because of this the beast hunter has the ability to acquire aid from the creatures nearby; some creatures may become permanent allies/followers.

Usually the beast hunter can only have one permanent creature ally at a time as this requires a decent amount of mental strength to be able to communicate with the creature, however the greater the beast hunter’s abilities the beast hunter has the potential to acquire more permanent creature allies.

Permanent creature allies will follow the beast hunter until the beast hunter commands them to leave; this is only usually safe to do if the creature is being released into their own habitat or a habitat that they are comfortable with. If the creature is released into a habitat that it’s unfamiliar with or uncomfortable in the creature may go on a rampage and could potentially attack the beast hunter.

Abilities: Commune with nature, command creatures, acquire creature ally
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Hunter - Beast
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