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 Kyte Macer - {Approved}

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PostSubject: Kyte Macer - {Approved}   Kyte Macer - {Approved} Icon_minitimeFri Apr 30, 2010 7:39 am

Name: Kyte Macer
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Half elf, half human
Class: Mage
Sub Class: Solar
Starting Location: Redwood Village
Weapon of Choice: Staff and Wand
Organisation: None
Current Job: Bar Waiter
History: His father was a traveling mage, going from place to place learning all he could about the world, he was a good honest man and so was his mother. The only problem was that he was a human, and she was an elf, upon his travels he found her injured and cornered by a rather angry bear, not being able to just walk away he created a barrier between the bear and her, eventually the bear lost interest and walked away, after treating her injuries they soon fell in love, not long after she became pregnant with their son. Soon Kytes was born and he lived out his childhood with his father and mother. His mother taught him all about nature and soon he showed promise of using magic like his father. As soon as he was old enough, his father prepared the ritual to awaken his powers and from that came the birth of his familiar, Pip, the white solar squirrel as well as his dormant powers as a Solar Mage. While growing up, they moved from place to place all the while learning about the world while never being far from nature. One day however his mother was called away by her clan, since then he has not seen her but every now and then feels her presence in nature so he knows she is ok, his father however, with the leaving of his beloved became depressed and couldn't take care of his soon anymore. Leaving him in the care of his uncle, his father set out to find his beloved and since then Kytes has lived and worked in the tavern his uncle owns.

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PostSubject: Re: Kyte Macer - {Approved}   Kyte Macer - {Approved} Icon_minitimeFri Apr 30, 2010 7:42 am

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Kyte Macer - {Approved}
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