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 Hunter - General

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PostSubject: Hunter - General   Hunter - General Icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 8:03 am

The hunter is a skilled warrior adept in seeking out specific prey. The hunter hunts for many different reasons, each hunter has their own reason. To the hunter their reason is always just, no matter if it doesn’t seem that way to other people.

Anyone can become a hunter, however to officially be recognised as a hunter the prospective hunter must travel to various guilds to receive their approval and blessing, the exact guild differs depending on what the hunter is hunting and the hunter’s abilities. Usually the guild will test the hunter themselves, set the hunter challenges or require proof of the hunter’s abilities.

Not all hunters become officially recognised, many prefer not to pledge allegiance to a specific guild for a variety of reasons.

Becoming officially recognised as a hunter allows the hunter to have access to the guild’s resources, information and to take on mercenary jobs to earn extra gold to further their hunt.

• Good at close range combat
• Slightly above average defence against melee attacks
• Can be fairly agile

• Low defence against magic attacks
• Typically can’t handle heavier weapons

Weapon Speciality: Bows, daggers, short swords

Sub Classes: Beast. Spectral
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Hunter - General
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