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Shadows are the Network's most highly coveted rogues, once a rogue's reputation reaches a certain level the Network invite the rogue to a secret initiation at a location unknown to the rogue. If the rogue accepts they are instantly bound and blindfolded and taken to the hidden location, this is in part a test of the rogues ability to avoid getting caught and their ability to release themselves once caught. Needless to say the superior skills of the elders mean that the rogues are unable to discover the location of the shadow initiation, even if the rogue manages to resist capture or release themselves from capture.

Once at the initiation site the initiate is asked to remove all items they are currently carrying, the purpose of this is twofold. Firstly to test the rogue's natural abilities, without relying on any external items. Secondly it symbolises the rebirth of the rogue as a shadow. The initiate is then led to a circle formed by the elders, as the initiate enters the circle the elders begin to chant. As the chant reaches its climax a Nyxian appears through a nexus formed in the circle. The initiate is forced to battle the Nyxian and drink a vial of its blood.

If the initiate survives the initiation ritual they are imbued with Nyxian magic which allows them to manipulate the shadows around them. Some grasp the concept of Nyxian magic fairly quickly, whereas others find it a sharp learning curve. There's always the risk that the Nyxian energy surging through the shadow's body will over power the shadow's own energy and transform them into a fully fledged Nyxian. If this event occurs, the Network is forced to eliminate the newly created Nyxian to keep people from knowing their secret. If any shadow is caught using their abilities by a non-member of the Network or speaks of their abilities or the initiation ritual the Network executes them to safeguard themselves and their secrets.

Abilities: Nyxian magic
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Rogue - Shadow
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