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 Rogue - Assassin

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PostSubject: Rogue - Assassin   Rogue - Assassin Icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 5:18 am

The assassin is adept in every method of killing. The assassin knows a person's physical weak points from just looking at them, allowing the assassin to deal one lethal hit. Force is not the only way the assassin can kill, the assassin possesses many underhanded ways to eliminate a target without being seen or hurt themselves. The greatest of these is through poisons, which the assassin has extensively studied and experimented with. Due to this experimentation with poisons the assassin becomes immune to the effects of poison, allowing the assassin numerous ways of implementing poisoning in their targets. The assassin will usually conceal weapons, potions and poisons about their person, and utilise their innate agility to speedily access any of these items.

There currently exist a few known 'free-lance' assassins, however most employers who want someone assassinated contact the Network of Shadows. The Network then assigns the task to one of their trained assassins, because of this many 'free-lance' assassins either go out of work or they join the Network. The Network offers any rogues, especially those with exceptional skill, many benefits including paid work, free lodging and intense training. Assassins within the Network often compete against each other to raise their reputation within the Network. The Network encourages this competition and often holds regular challenges that aim on improving the assassin's skills and raising their reputation. Often the higher the assassin's reputation the more likely they are to get a job, and potentially the greater the reward for the job. Employers can also request for certain assassins to do their job, however this is generally discouraged.

Due to their line of work assassins trust no one and generally have a lack of emotion when working (though it has been known for assassins to be fairly emotional and passionate outside of their work). The assassin can give the impression, to anyone who doesn't know their profession, that they're rude, cold and lacking in any emotion at all.

Abilities: Knowledge on poisons and their uses, stealth
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Rogue - Assassin
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