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 Rogue - General

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PostSubject: Rogue - General   Rogue - General Icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 4:19 am

The rogue lurks in the shadows and uses any available methods to get what they want. Instead of fighting hand to hand, rogues prefer to use underhand techniques to give them the advantage in any battle. The rogue has an unsurpassed knowledge of poisons, traps, stealth and persuasion techniques, because of this they are employed for assassinations, thievery and intelligence gathering. Highly experienced rogues are rarely seen, can kill silently, and avoid being hit by any weapon or spell. This does not, however, make them invincible by any means.

Many would deny and condemn the rogue's practise of these arts, however through the Network of Shadows most rogues are employed by high authorities who wish to surpass their rivals or eliminate their enemies. This gives the rogues a very strong position of control over how Valeria is run. As of yet the only authority not to employ the Network of Shadows is the elven authorities, every other authority has used the Network throughout history and has achieved some great results.

Any rogue not part of the Network of Shadows is at risk of being murdered by members of the Network, as members of the Network see non-members as potential competition and danger. Members of the Network of Shadows have been rumoured to have learnt the art of Nyxian magic and people fear that the Network has links with the Realm of Nyx and Nyx herself. No one, however, will speak these views openly as they know without concrete evidence they are likely to be assassinated. Anyone who possesses concrete evidence is more at risk of assassination than those that merely suspect a link between the Network and Nyx.

  • Highly cunning and persuasive
  • High agility
  • Fast attack speed
  • Lower than average physical and magical defense
  • Unable to handle heavy weapons
Weapon Speciality: Daggers, throwing weapons and potions, small swords

Sub Classes: Assassin, Shadow
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Rogue - General
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