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 Warrior - Berserker

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PostSubject: Warrior - Berserker   Warrior - Berserker Icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 3:36 am

The berserker is a warrior who greatly enhances their physical strength and agility by giving into rage and loves to fight. The berserker attempts to keep their rage right at the surface so that they can draw on its energy if they need to, this leads to many berserkers having very short tempers. Many pub brawls can get substantially worse if a berserker becomes involved. When the berserker gives in complete to their rage they become virtually unstoppable, however whilst in this state the berserker can't tell friend from foe and will attack anyone in their way. Unless the berserker is highly experienced it can take a long time to recover from the full berserk state. The more inexperienced berserkers have been known to pass out if they stay in the full berserk state for too long.

Despite their attitude to fighting and their short tempers most societies let them be. There are a few societies, however, that shun the berserkers and believe their behaviour is socially unacceptable. These societies tend to be hypocritical as when they need help they turn to the berserkers. This hypocrisy can further add to the berserker's rage if they so desire it to.

The berserker tends to prefer heavy two handed weapons as their weapon of choice, due to the immense physical strength that they possess.

Abilities: Berserk (full), Greatly increased strength and agility
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Warrior - Berserker
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