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 Warrior - Blademaster

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PostSubject: Warrior - Blademaster   Warrior - Blademaster Icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 2:21 am

The blademaster is a warrior who, through years of training and fighting, has mastered the ability to wield any bladed weapon. Due to how blademasters acquire their skills warriors aspiring to be blademasters are rarely trained by experienced blademasters, instead they are told to train and learn the skills for themselves. To do this the novice blademaster will often isolate themselves from all other social contact, usually taking to training deep within mountains, caverns or forests.

Due to this social isolation blademasters can be highly unsociable and untrustworthy of other people. This can potentially cause problems when the blademaster is required to work with others, which is all the more common once the warrior has reached blademaster status. As they are much sought after by anyone wishing to attempt a dangerous quest or by anyone wishing to guard something precious.

Despite the blademaster's lack of social interaction they do take the warrior's code seriously and attempt to abide by it rigorously. this, coupled with their mastery of any bladed weapon, makes the blademaster a formidable opponent.

Abilities: Mastery of any bladed weapon, deal great damage with bladed weapons
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Warrior - Blademaster
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