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 Realm of Nyx - Environment

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Realm of Nyx - Environment Empty
PostSubject: Realm of Nyx - Environment   Realm of Nyx - Environment Icon_minitimeWed Apr 28, 2010 5:32 am

The Realm of Nyx is ruled by the goddess of darkness, Nyx. The realm itself is an extension of her power, the greater her power grows the bigger the realm becomes and the thinner the veil between Nyx and Valeria becomes. Nyx's primary concern is gaining more power and extending her influence, to this end she created spectres. Spectres are creatures born out of darkness and comprised of spirit energy, this enables them to inhabit any creature or person on Valeria. Only whilst spectres are in the Realm of Nyx do they show their true form. The main purpose of spectres is to capture people from Valeria and drag them through the veil into the Realm of Nyx. Nyx feeds off the power of despair and anger from these individuals and her power grows.

Not only does her power grow with the more people she captures, but also her army grows. Nyx suffered a devastating loss when she tried to invade Valeria over 1000 years ago, not only was most of her army decimated but her powers were diminished. It's taken almost a millennia for Nyx to regain her powers, however once again her powers are almost strong enough to attempt a full scale invasion upon Valeria. She suspects that some high authorities in Valeria may suspect this, but as of yet her suspicions have been unfounded.

The Realm of Nyx itself is a dark depressing wasteland drowned in perpetual darkness and highly concentrated negative energy. this energy ripples throughout the realm instilling despair and rage in all its inhabitants. This only defined area within the Realm of Nyx is Umbra, where Nyx holds her seat of power. this is highly protected by intricate magical traps and a vast army of spectres. No one has ever managed to get to Umbra without falling to despair first. As soon as the initial spark of despair takes hold Nyx has control over them. In recent history no one has launched a full out assault on Nyx as they are all too aware of her powers.
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Realm of Nyx - Environment
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