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 Mage - Lunar

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PostSubject: Mage - Lunar   Mage - Lunar Icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 8:00 am

From the lunar mage’s dedication to the moon temples (may need a better name) the lunar mage has acquired the ability to perform magic drawing upon the energy of the moon. During the night the lunar mage’s abilities are at their peak, however their magic can’t be used during the day.

To overcome this lunar mages charge a treasured item (typically an amulet, talisman, bracelet, gem or crystal) with lunar energy so that they can draw on its energy during the day. The lunar mage has to carefully monitor the energy in their charged item as it isn’t an infinite source of energy. Over time the lunar mage can begin to charge many items with lunar energy, the amount of items that can be charged depends on the mage’s abilities.

These items don’t charge automatically during the night, the lunar mage has to take time to perform the charging ritual; this can take a lot of concentration, energy and time depending on the mage.

Lunar magic can take many forms, from passive spells like healing to the devastating offensive spells that tap into the moon's natural control over the world. Due to the versatile usage of lunar magic, lunar mages are highly sought after by anyone who is undertaking a potentially dangerous quest or task. The phases of the moon have also been known to affect how the lunar mage uses magic.

Lunar mages often specialise in either water or earth magic.

Magic abilities: Lunar, Water, Earth
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Mage - Lunar
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