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 Nyxian Magic

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PostSubject: Nyxian Magic   Nyxian Magic Icon_minitimeWed Apr 28, 2010 3:05 am

Nyxian magic is one of the most hidden forms of magic in Valeria, this is mainly because Nyxian magic is linked with the realm of Nyx and the spectres and monstrosities that live therein. Nyxian magic has the ability to control and manipulate shadows (some view this a polar opposite to solar magic). Shadows have long been used by the inhabitants of Nyx to hide various items and creates (for example traps, weapons, spectres, etc). Due to the nature of Nyxian magic most parts of Valeria have outlawed the use of this magic, anyone caught using Nyxian magic are to be executed on the spot. Priests of The Order also take a vigilant stance against eliminating Nyxian magic users and inhabitants of Nyx from Valeria. It has been rumoured that the Network Of Shadows have access to Nyxian magic, however nothing has ever been proved as of yet. It would be unwise for anyone to challenge the Network of Shadows without concrete evidence due to the scale of the Network and the vast number of members, due to this most people hold their tongues when they suspect The Network's involvement with Nyxian magic.
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Nyxian Magic
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