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 Warrior - General

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PostSubject: Warrior - General   Warrior - General Icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 8:13 am

The warrior is highly skilled in all areas of weaponry and combat, especially in the use of long swords and heavy weaponry (e.g. two handed swords, war axes, etc), due to this fact warriors are usually hired as guards, scouts or mercenaries.

One of the warrior’s greatest pride is the upholding of the Code. The Code is a sacred set of rules and guidelines that warriors throughout the world follow. Even though the Code isn’t written down it is taught to the warrior from their earliest training, because of this slight variations may occur in different regions of the world. Its basic principles, however, are essentially the same. The warrior struggles to live their life in honour and loyalty.

The warrior’s loyalty is usually to their teacher and their employer, however they can choose to swear their loyalty to anyone or anything they want. If a warrior betrays someone or something they have previously sworn their loyalty to the warrior is then disgraced.

A disgraced warrior will find it hard to gain people’s trust, to get work and consequently to have any form of comfortable life. Many disgraced warriors become outlaws and turn to stealing, killing and looting to provide for themselves. The disgraced warrior is branded by the person they betray, usually in the form of a long deep cut running along their sword arm or a cut down the face. This serves a twofold purpose, firstly to warn other warriors not to betray the person and secondly to announce the warrior has been disgraced to everyone else.

• High strength and defence
• Can handle heavier weapons better than other classes
• Attack and movement speed are generally slower than other classes
• Lower than average defence against magic attacks

Weapon Speciality: Long swords, two-handed swords, axes, maces

Sub Classes: Blademaster, Berserker
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Warrior - General
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