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 Mage - General

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PostSubject: Mage - General   Mage - General Icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 7:54 am

The mage, after their dedication at certain temples, is able to use magic. The type of magic varies on the temple where the dedication ritual took place. The mage’s magic can either be offensive or defensive; however the mage can not use healing magic as this is reserved for the priests.

Upon performing the dedication ritual at a temple the mage also performs a ritual to call their familiar to them. The familiar can be any creature, however they are usually smallish creatures. After the ritual has been performed the familiar is bound to the mage until the mage either dies or the mage releases the familiar from their service. To release a familiar the mage must first consult the familiar and if it agrees then a separation ritual must be performed.

A familiar’s basic job is to channel the mage’s magical energy (be it lunar or solar) to enhance the mage’s magical abilities, to this effect lunar mages often have nocturnal familiars. The greater the bond between the familiar and the mage the stronger the familiar’s abilities are. If the bond is great between familiar and mage, the familiar may even participate in battle (usually in a defensive way as to protect the mage).


• The ability to use magic
• Can potentially cast devastating spells (depends on the mage and type of magic)
• Good at long ranged attacks


• Usually not very good in close combat (although this does depend on the weapon the mage uses)
• Low defence against melee attacks

Weapon Speciality: Staffs, Wands, Sceptres

Sub Classes: Lunar, Solar
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Mage - General
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